Specialized systems and resources to build software companies

We focus on Web3, machine learning, and tokenization


Capital & Technology

Move faster with strong partners.  Capture network effects and be part of an emerging automated and decentralized economy.

Decentralize the right parts

Token and protocol design can enable large-scale participation in value chains with programable incentives. 


Integrate on-chain and off-chain services to create thriving ecosystems with the best capabilities from each computing paradigm.  

Information Economics

What is your infomation worth?  How do you capture value?

Financial Markets

Securities trading, decision support, feature extraction, risk and valuation metrics, portfolio theory.


What is the ideal economic model for your market?  What happens when you can track assets and engineer incentives?

Machine Learning

Rapidly disrupting every industry and market, creating new ones.  

Governance & Operations

Experience, communication, grit, legal work, and a solutions-oriented attitude.

Prediction Markets

Hedge risks, get paid to take risks, observe expectations, predict the future, and make better decisions in advance.  


It's (still so) early






Time like the present

About Us

We Love Building Companies

We are operators.  We have built and sold companies as CEO, CTO, CFO, software engineer, data scientist, analyst, salesperson, and other roles. 

Good teams get it done.  

Every company is different, so we help in different ways.  We prioritize strategic planning, getting the most out of your board and good governance, focussed operations, technology planning and execution, strategic partnerships, productive incentive structures, and growing revenues.  

We Love Building Funds

We are fund managers.  We invest our own money alongside investor money in order to build more companies faster and access larger opportunities.  Ask us about

venture capital and crypto-assets.



We've participated in over 30 technology startups, and love helping teams succeed.  We don't mind getting our hands dirty coding, writing, and selling.

We focus on technology, strategy, corporate development, and financing.  We're in it for the long run.  Let's build something huge.

We Love ConsenSys


Current and past projects & investments by our team


Rhombus Network


Respiratory Motion



ThoughtStore (sold to CLC)

Beacon Angels

Beta Fund

LoopPay (sold to Samsung)

Crimson Hexagon

V2 Ratings

Boston Heart Lab (sold to Eurofins Scientific)

Smart Cells (sold to Merck)

Copiun (sold to Good Technology/Blackberry)


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